Diversity Statistics 2023

What category best describes your role in the Firm?

Role Count
Solicitor (Partner) 2
Solicitor (non-partner) 3
Other fee earning role 5
Role directly supporting fee earner 12
Managerial role 2

Which age category applies to you?

Age Count
16-24 3
25-34 4
35-44 4
45-54 1
55-64 8
65+ 2
Prefer not to say 2

Which gender do you identify with?

Genders Count
Male 2
Female 20
Other preferred description 0
Prefer not to say 2

Do you consider your gender to be different to you registered gender from birth?

No 22
Prefer not to say 2

Do you consider yourself to have a disability according to the definition in the Equality Act 2010?

Yes 1
No 27
Prefer not to say 1

Are your day-to-day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months?

Yes, limited a lot
Yes, limited a little 1
No 25
Prefer not to say 3

What is your ethnic group?

Ethnic group Count
White British 23
Any other white background 3
Prefer not to say 3

What is your religion or belief?

Religion/ Belief Count
No Religion or Belief / Atheist 8
Buddhist 1
Christian 12
Any other Religion or Belief 4
Prefer not to say 4

What sexual orientation do you associate with?

Orientation Count
Bi 0
Gay / Lesbian 0
Straight / Heterosexual 24
Other 0
Prefer not to say 5

What type of school did you mainly attend between the ages of 11-16?

School type Count
UK state run or funded school (selective on academic, faith or other grounds) 7
UK state run or funded school (non-selective) 17
UK independent / fee-paying school (bursary)
UK independent / fee-paying school (non-bursary) 1
Attended school outside the UK 1
Don’t know 2
Prefer not to say 1

Did either of your parents attend university by the time you were 18?

Level of qualification Count
No, neither parent attend university 22
Yes, one or both attended university 4
Don’t know
Prefer not to say 3

What was the occupation of your main household earner when you were about 14?

Job description Count
Modern professional occupation such as: teacher/lecturer, nurse, physiotherapist, social worker, welfare officer, artist, musician, police officer (sergeant or above), software designer 4
Senior managers and administrators usually responsible for planning, organising and co-ordinating work and for finance such as: finance manager, chief executive. 3
Clerical and intermediate occupations such as: secretary, personal assistant, clerical worker, office clerk, call centre agent, nursing auxiliary, nursery nurse. 3
Technical and craft occupations such as: motor mechanics, fitter, inspector, plumber, printer, tool maker, electrician, gardener, train driver 3
Semi-routine manual and service occupations such as: postal worker, machine operators, security guard, caretaker, farm worker, catering assistant, receptionist, sale assistant.
Small business owners who employed less then 25 people. 3
Traditional professional occupations such as: accountant, solicitor, medical practitioner, scientist, civil/mechanical engineer 8
Long term unemployed (claimed jobseeker’s allowance or earlier unemployment benefit for more than a year)
Retired 2
Prefer not to say 3

Are you the primary care for a child or children under 18?

Yes 6
No 20
Prefer not to say 3

Do you look after or care for someone with long term physical or mental ill health caused by disability or age (not in a paid capacity)?

No 22
Yes, 1-19 hours a week 4
Yes, 20-49 hours a week 1
Yes, 50 or more hours week
Prefer not to say 2